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How can we help?

MILS Processes has worked extensively within manufacturing to deliver significant cost savings through resource efficiency work.


With energy, water and raw material prices ever increasing doing nothing is no longer an option.  Even a healthy profit and loss sheet will be erroded over time if actions are not taken to reduce your input costs.


Much of the inputs to manufacturing processes are not tightly controlled.  This is especially true for enegy and water.  If your site uses compressed air,pumps, agitators, heating, lighting, boilers, IT equipment or any equipment driven by electric motors then we can help reduce your energy costs.


Even sites that are new are often not optimised for resource efficiency - the name of the game when it comes to installation and start up is usually capital cost and speed of commisioning.  It is extremely unusual that running costs have been considered high up the list of priorities.


If you are not sure whether we can help or not, drop us a line and we will be able to discuss your situation with you for free.


Kate Leach has previously been involved in reducing energy costs by £1M/year in a NW manufacturing facility, simply through process re-design and respecification.  

Providing solutions that are tailor made to your business.

Energy &

Resource Efficiency.

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Are you paying to shorten the life of your equipment?

Processes and systems observe the fundamental laws of physics.  Energy put in must be used in some way - this is the conservation of energy law.


Every additional kW that you are putting into your system, above and beyond your process requirements, will most likely be expended as heat and vibration (often heard, rather than felt).


As any engineer will tell you, excess heat and vibration are the enemy of your equipment.  


So, if you have a process that needs 12 kW to work, and you are putting in 15kW to do the same, what is happening to that 3kW?


Energy reduction work will not only save you on your utility bills, it will also reduce maintenance, capital and health and safety related costs.