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How can we help?

If you are a small business owner then it is probably passion that drives you.  


Passion is essential, and businesses not driven by the heart are far less likely to survive.  However, passion alone is usually not enough to see a business through the first few years, or through any trying economic times.


MILS Processes is good with all the nuts and bolts of a business.  From cash flow projections and budgeting, to market research and strategy setting.  


If you just need some good sound, and neutral, advice, we can start there too!


MILS Processes can work with you on a flexible fees basis (depending on your business size, situation and level of support or advice that you need) and are happy to have a free no obligation chat with you about your situation.  Please send us a message through our contacts page.

Helping entrepreneurs get the start they deserve.

Advice for SME's.

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Know it's a good idea, but can't get it rolling?

Do you have a business that you know makes sense, but the customers are not coming?


Do you remember when what you did was profitable, but now it is not?


For these, or any other business questions, please contact us to see if we can help you out.