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About Us

MILS Processes was set up in September 2009 to provide business and industry with impartial advice.  Our aim is to increase your productivity, so that you can achieve more with the same resources.


We are focussed on saving you money and time.  Whether it be energy, water or other resource efficiency; streamlining your business processes; or indeed training your staff so that they have a greater understanding of the processes and technology invovled - to save you time, effort and money, we can help.


Kate is a Paper Science expert, speacialising in tissue products - but very knowledgable in the manufacture of all paper products and related industries.  Kate has appeared on both BBC and C4 consumer programs as an independant tissue expert, talking about bathroom tissue and kitchen towel products.


We can also help you to understand your business better, through analysis work that we can do for you, or help you to set up and run yourself.


MILS Processes is run by Kate Leach who will work directly with all clients to ensure they receive the quality of service you expect.  Kate will always be the person dealing with your business unless it is agreed with you beforehand.


Kate trained and worked as a Process Engineer in heavy industry for many years and has since worked extensively throughout many different businesses, across all functions, helping to improve productivity and increase bottom line profits through business process improvement work.


Kate has an MBA from Manchester Business School and a BSc (Hons) in Paper Science with French from the University of Manchester (UMIST).


MILS Processes is located in Hyde, Cheshire, in the UK.

Providing solutions that are tailor made to your business.

Efficient, Relevant, Sustainable.

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Pictured above:

Kate speaks with Harry Wallop during the filming of episode 6 of Superscrimpers (C4) in March 2013.  Kate speaks in her capacity as tissue quality expert.

4OD (Channel 4)

The toilet paper section begins straight after the break, at around 14 minutes.